Monday, 27 June 2011

Two projects done!!

Well I haven't been very well recently, hayfever and asthma don't go together!!

After a little time off from everything I got started with my two cushions I've been commissioned to do and my laundry bin liner.

Two projects now ticked off the list.

The cushions are for friends who have two little boys and wanted some customised cushions for them.

The laundry bin liner was done for my new laundry bin that my husband made from spare wood he had. He's very talented!!

Now I just have to finish my other projects!!

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  1. Hi from your newest google friend follower, please pop by Karima x

    These cushions are adorable!

  2. o mo for hay fever...and asthma. on the bright side these are darling!!! i love them:) thanks for linkin!!!

  3. Love your cushions, and so would my twin nephews. Erm... except one of them is called Alex, to have them both with names matching your cushions would be just too coincidental!

    Love your laundry bin and liner, what a talented creative pair you are

    Sorry to hear you have hayfever & asthma, my son used to get them too so I really feel for you