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MONDAY, 13 JUNE 2011

Fancy a Cuppa??

I'm not a tea fan myself but the rest of my family are. I found that Tea Cosy's make a great gift. They are really easy and fun to make.

Below is just one of the Tea Cosy's I have made. This was a birthday pressie for my sister!

Tea Cosy


Wool Storage Basket

I decided to make a fabric basket to store the wool I'm currently working with instead of it being strewn all over the sofa!!

Wool Storage basket

I added a pocket to keep my scissors and crochet needle in!

Wool storage Basket

Hopefully now I can be nice and tidy!!

Wool storage basket

 8 AUGUST 2011

crochet slippers

crocheted slippers by Aunt Angie Sews
crocheted slippers, a photo by Aunt Angie Sews on Flickr.
Some very simple crochet slippers!! They keep your feet nice and warm!! I found the pattern for these when looking on flickr.

Here is the link if anyone is interested!!



Cupcakes by Aunt Angie.
Cupcakes, a photo by Aunt Angie. on Flickr.
My mother in law bought me this lovely cake stand as a Christmas gift and so instead of leaving it empty I thought I would make some cupcakes and put it on display.

SUNDAY, 22 JULY 2012 Rag Basket I thought I'd try my hands at crocheting with rags. This was the result, I'm not too sure if I like it if I'm honest. Posted by Aunt Angie at 18:02 No comments:

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