Baby blanket

This is my first post in a while! I've been busy making all kinds of things but just never seem to get round to posting them.

Anyway i started the new year by making this gorgeous crochet blanket for my sister to use as a baby blanket. I intend to make myself one as I love it!

granny square blanket

The actual crocheting didn't take too long, the nightmare was weaving in all the loose ends! I've learnt my lesson with this in future I'll get rid of the loose ends after I crochet each square!


Now we just need to wait for the baby to arrive!!!

granny squares


Granny Square Blanket Finished!

At long last I have finished my first granny square blanket!

granny square blanket

Its not massive I thought for my first one I'd start small and work my way up to a bed sized one.

granny square blanket

I think the flowers really pop and just gives it that something extra.

granny square blanket

Can't wait to start the next one!!
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Another Granny square Blanket!!

So I received this package in the post for subscribing to a knitting magazinewoolsewing threadwoolI decided to turn it into thisgiant granny square blanketgiant granny squareI think I may have an addiction to granny squares!! My ongoing project at the moment is yet again another granny square blanketgranny squaresThis one isn't for me though, its going to be a baby blanket for my sister who is due in September!! I maybe need to rename by blog to aunt angie crochets!!


Crochet Blanket

Last week a friend at work taught me how to crochet. I have since put this in practice and used up some little balls of wool I had by making granny squares!!

granny squares

The blanket is now taking shape but I think I still have a long way to go before it's finished!!

granny squares blanket

I've used up all the pink and cream wool I had so I'm now introducing a new colour. Its actually more purple than it looks like in the pic.

granny squares

I have just visited 'Gemmipop designs' blog and she is also making a granny squares blanket. She has introduced some flowery squares into hers which are
lovely. I'm hoping she will share the pattern with me so I can give it a go!! Hopefully my next update will be my first attempt at a flowery square!!

Here we go, my first flowery square!! It took a lot longer to do than I thought but now i have the hang of it hopefully my next few won't take so long!

flower crochet square

Can't wait till its finished.

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MONDAY, 20 JUNE 2011

Sew much to do, Sew little time to do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have about a million projects all on the go at the moment!!!! Well maybe not quite a million but you know how it feels.

I'm still crocheting away at my granny square blanket, hopefully it won't be too long before I can show you the finished product. I saw Gemmipops post last Wednesday and her blanket is looking great I only hope mine turns out half as good!!

I have just started knitting a little baby jacket as I'm going to be an auntie again in a few weeks time, exciting stuff!!

I need to make a lining bag for my new laundry bin that my husband has made me from some spare wood he had lying about.

I'm in the middle of making a birthday pressie for my step daughter, can't tell you what it is though just in case she's reading this!!! (Hi Joanna!!)

I've also started a Christmas pressie, yes I said Christmas pressie, for my nieces!! I thought I'd be good this year so instead of just saying I'll start making the presents early so I'm not rushing it all in Nov and Dec I actually would make them early. I have loads of people to make for so hopefully I can get them all done well before Nov then I can just concentrate on enjoying the festive season and start making myself some Christmas decorations, which is what I want to do every year but never have the time!!

Oh, I've also just been commissioned to make a couple of personalised cushions. So I need to source the fabric for that and crack on with it!!

Hopefully it won't be too long before I have one of these projects finished so I can show you all what they look like.

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